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Trust is good...

Fidelity insurance

Employees are your company’s most important capital. The employment relationship is based on trust. What happens though if this trust is abused? Today, business crimes are occurring in offices on a more frequent basis.

Especially criminal activity in the Internet has been increasing exponentially. The damage is often quite extensive. Loss in revenue and liquidity can burden a company’s capital structure. The amount of the annual damage runs into the billions (USD). In addition, there is a loss of trust, which can have an effect on the entire workplace atmosphere.

Ensuring corporate assets

Fidelity insurance protects your company against the financial consequences of an employee’s criminal activity. This includes theft, fraud, embezzlement, infidelity and computer abuse. Even temporary employees and service providers that work in the company’s offices are included in the insurance coverage. If third parties gain wealth through fraud, forgery or data manipulation via the Internet, then the fidelity insurance will also take effect. This also applies to follow-up costs such as, for example, legal prosecution, loss assessment, the restoration and replacement of data as well as external extra costs for the continuation of the business operations.

The negotiation of fidelity insurance is not a vote of distrust towards the employees. On the contrary: In critical cases, the fidelity insurance secures the corporate assets and, in doing so, it secures jobs, thereby creating an ideal complement to your company’s existing security system.