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A project we support with all our heart

Schooling for children in Malawi

There is much to do – we have made a good start

Every child has the right to education. Here at km credit consulting, we believe that education is vital to escaping poverty and dependence. Supporting the children of Malawi has therefore become a cause near and dear to our hearts.

The elementary schools in Mkoma and Malika

There is no tuition fee for elementary schools in Malawi. Yet even so, only a fraction of the children there successfully complete their primary education. Overcrowded classes and a lack of furniture and teaching materials create poor learning conditions. In Mkoma, there are just 16 classrooms available for 2,574 students. That is an average of 160 children per classroom. The majority of girls and boys sit on the floor. In many cases, classes are held outside. Conditions at the elementary school in Malika are similar.

Creating a child-friendly environment

An elementary school education in Malawi takes eight years. This naturally also applies to pupils in Mkoma and Malika. In everyday school life, this means that the building are used both by children under the age of ten and teenagers. Adequate sanitary facilities are not available during the school day, which is especially problematic for the girls. There are ten latrines for the 1,279 pupils at the elementary school in Mkoma, but they are not equipped with doors to protect the girls’ privacy.

Project objectives

Creating a better learning environment for more than 4,000 schoolchildren. The following steps are being taken to achieve this:

  • Construction of new classrooms, teacher housing, and sanitary facilities
  • Renovation of existing classrooms
  • Expansion of the water supply system
  • Purchasing of classroom furniture and teaching materials
  • Advanced teacher training on age-appropriate teaching methods and equal rights

Monitoring and evaluation of project activities

Regular meetings attended by all of the partners are held throughout the entire course of the project. Attendees discuss progress, share their thoughts and experiences, and initiate any necessary changes in project implementation. A detailed evaluation will be carried out once the project has ended.

Project reports schooling for children in Malawi (German)

Our strong partner

Plan International is an aid organization active worldwide to promote equal rights and opportunities for children. This children’s relief charity has spent more than 80 years helping girls and boys lead a life free of poverty, violence, and inequality. This religiously and ideologically independent organization operates on three continents and actively helps children in more than 70 countries shape our world’s future.

Please join us in supporting Plan International

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