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International credit insurance programs

As a company operating internationally, you are interested in flexible solutions for your business dealings. In general, this also applies to protecting your company against commercial risks and, in particular, to protect one of the largest balance sheet items: your outstanding receivables.

As a complement to your professionally run receivables management, an insurance concept is recommended that is especially tailored towards the special needs of internationally operating companies with a local presence in various countries: the international credit insurance program. First and foremost, this is defined by a harmonized agreement and contract terms for all insured entities as well as uniform conditioning.

Customized insurance coverage protection, flexible design

The design of the insurance policy is individually geared towards the strategy and the goals of your company. You select between a central framework contract and individual policies for your subsidiaries, or a combination of the two. You also decide if you would like to administrate the policy centrally or locally. In each case, the administration is quite simple.

Ensuring corporate success

With an international credit insurance program, you do not only flexibly protect your company against the economic and political risks associated with the non-payment of your outstanding receivables. You also improve your cash flow and protect your profit and therefore your long-term corporate success.