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Insuring individual risks

Single buyer policy

Your company works in the project business or wants to protect an ongoing commercial deal against the risk of bad debt.

With the Single Buyer Policy – also known as individual coverage – you’ll have a special insurance solution tailored to companies interested in covering the risk of default of individual customers and their short-term receivables. As a general rule, the receivable volume is quite extensive and either in the form of an individual receivable (within the framework of a project-related deal) or as a revolving trade receivable.

The insurer also assumes – aside from covering the economic risk of bad debt – the political risk. In addition, companies can additionally insure the manufacturing risk and can begin protecting themselves against payment default during the manufacturing phase. Once approved, the coverage notes are valid until the end of the credit period.

Comprehensive protection and maximum planning security

This way, the Single Buyer Policy, aside from the comprehensive insurance protection, offers a maximum of planning security through binding cover notes as well as liquidity and balance sheet protection. It also creates a first-class foundation for the possible sale of the individual receivables within the scope of non-recourse factoring as well as for refinancing with your bank.