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Prepaying without risk

Prepayment protection

Companies do not only run a risk as an exporter of goods and services that their business partner will not meet the contractual agreements. Even as an importer, they are confronted with economic risks.

Not seldom, your foreign business partner will demand a prepayment on the agreed upon delivery. This is usually used to give the exporter liquidity in order to, for example, begin with the manufacturing. This is a payment term with a very high risk. In addition, as an importer you carry the credit risk for your prepayment during the entire term of the contract.

Prepayments with security

With the pre-import or pre-export protection – in other words the protection of payments made in the import or export business – you can protect yourself against financial losses if your supplier does not meet their requirement to deliver the goods and is not in a position to repay the prepayment.

The pre-import/pre-export protection offers comprehensive security for your orders, regardless of whether for selected individual projects or revolving business. Aside from the commercial risk, the political risk is also covered here. Even prepayments to public sector suppliers are insured. The agreed upon credit limits apply to the entire term of your business.

Here, we support you in finding an adequate credit insurer who, parallel to the financing component of the bank, holds collateral ready as security against economic and especially political risks. This requires a specific market survey of specialty supplier in the credit insurance segment. Bank financing often only becomes possible through this pre-import/pre-export protection.

As an importer you can therefore benefit in various ways: Your prepayment is safe against non-delivery, supplier bankruptcy and political risks. And in cases where your imports have been pre-financed, your business transactions become more valuable and more secure for the bank.